July 2015 Review

2015 - July - Spending

2015 - July - Income

As usual, housing related costs make up most of my spending with rent on my current living space as well as strata fees and mortgage payments on the condo that I rent out. All our shared expenses such as internet, netflix, hydro, groceries, and whatever we end up buying together are also included in the Home category.

Notable costs are:

  • Initial payments for this blog – $174.31
  • Bicycle repair – $99.96
  • Car oil change and maintenance – $67.50
  • A traffic ticket for not stopping completely at a stop sign on my bicycle – $142.00
  • Cirque du Soleil Kooza tickets – $200.00

Everything else was the usual MSP payment, a couple nights out and the cell phone.

A couple of unusual expenses meant that I could only save about $650.00 in July. August isn’t looking much better because of a good amount of spending that will happen because of our Seattle trip. Things should get back on track after that, especially with my significant salary increase from my new job. It’s been a while since I’ve made an investment buy so I’m definitely planning on doing that sometime in August.

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