FIRE Doesn’t Mean No Fun!

Sometimes people get the idea that the only way to retire early is to deprive yourself of anything enjoyable and live like a hermit. While that does sound delightful it’s not true at all!

Yes, you could stop doing anything that costs money and shave some years off your FIRE date, but that’s no way to live by my reckoning.

The trick is to focus on what actually brings you happiness, and not just be a Consumption Zombie. Consumption Zombies don’t even know what the Way is, never mind following it. They’re also dreadful conversationalists.

As you can see we recently took delivery of this amazing map to chronicle our journeys across the globe. For us, travel and experiencing new places is the best use of any extra time and money. Maybe for you it’s something different! We don’t spend much on eating out, concerts, or extensive china collections so it’s no big deal for us to take a trip (or 3) a year.

What happiness bringer do you focus your time and money on?

(If you’d like to have one of those maps, they’re available on Etsy at the TexturedINK store.)

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