No, not that kind of fire.

What is FIRE anyway?

If you’re clever enough, you may notice that the phrase “financial independence” in my tagline suspiciously starts with the letters F and I. Coincidence?

When people hear something like “financial independence” it tends to conjure up images up of old mustachioed men being driven about in suitably posh cars. It may sound interesting, but what the Way is all about is immensely less boring!

All that financial independence really means is that you’ve got the means to fully take control of your life. Don’t want to work anymore? Sounds good! Want to switch to a job that pays nothing because you find it more fulfilling? Sure, why not! When you no longer have to think about money (and getting more of it) you can focus on the important things. Like taking up obscure hobbies, learning useful skills, or deciding that yes, today is definitely a good day to relax outside with a delicious drink of choice.

Following the Way is all about reaching FI (financial independence) as soon as possible so that you can RE (retire early). Some people have reached this point at 50 years old, some at 30, and some even younger than that. Unfortunately, a large number of people never reach this point, and are forced to work into old age. I aim to change this trend and this blog is my small attempt at making a difference.

Remember, it’s as easy as

  • Spend less
  • Earn more
  • Invest intelligently

My goal is to follow these simple steps and be financially independent by the time I’m 45. I’ve only just started on the Way myself and the Way rewards those who start young! Follow with me on the Way and you’ll be FIREd in no time!

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