Been a busy week

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post hasn’t it? This week has been pretty hectic. Today was the last day of my first week at the new job. It’s certainly been a change of pace! I was used to being bored at work and having to try and find busy work to […]

July 2015 Review

As usual, housing related costs make up most of my spending with rent on my current living space as well as strata fees and mortgage payments on the condo that I rent out. All our shared expenses such as internet, netflix, hydro, groceries, and whatever we end up buying together are also included in the […]


Luxury Isn’t Happiness

This is one of those really important things that once you get it into your head? Everything makes sense. It really falls in line with the whole zen style theme we’ve got going on here. I was inspired by a post linking freedom and luxury which I think makes a really good point. Luxuries are just never […]


There’s A Limit To Spending Less

The First Pillar It’s no secret that the First Pillar of the Way of FIRE is Spend Less. It’s the easiest thing to do and almost every novice Follower has scads of wasteful spending that they can cut out with a little effort. Cars, cable, cellphones, commute times, etc. They’re all things that can probably be changed […]